Amateur Radio Station VE3YF
History of the Amateur Radio Callsign VE3YF
In the upcoming weeks and months I will be updating this page to give the history of the callsign of VE3YF.  Notice the date of the QSO (Dec 13, 1936), this QSL Card was a great find pointed out to me by a good friend Rick VE3PP
1936 - 1999
1936 - 1999
1999 - Present
My original suspicions proved to be incorrect.  From the start of Amateur Radio in Canada to 1934 it appears that the Callsign of VE3YF was never issued. This information is what I can find back in early editions of call books. I have a call into the Government who should be able to give me the full info. So until I can find more information the below info will stand. The original holder of this callsign was:

J.N. Barr, 581 Janette Ave, Windsor, Ontario 1934 - 1936.

Gordon MacFarlane, 426 McKay Ave, Windsor, Ontario 1936 - 1989.

Gordon MacFarlane, 412 Barrie Rd, Orillia, Ontario  1989 - 1999.

Michael J. Donohue, 1 Briarwood Dr, Petawawa, Ontario 1999 - Present.

Much of the help in this research project can be attributed to the following:

Dave VE3EI

Bill VE3ES

Norm VE3LC

QCWA Database

Various Call books dated back to the 1930's